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All Things Possible With God

In Matthew 19:26, Jesus taught, "with God all things are possible".  He has shown us the impossible is possible when:

  • Infertile women conceived.
  • Esther saved her Jewish kin from being slaughtered.
  • Moses drew water from a stone.
  • He brought the dead back to life – in Mark 5, Luke 7, John 11, and again in Mark 16.
  • The virgin Mary birthed the Son of God.

  ...and many other things.

In the words of Robert Kiyosaki, "GOLD and SILVER are God's money".  He said this because God created the elements.  In the periodic table, gold is element #79 (represented by the symbol "Au"), and silver is element # 47 (represented by the symbol "Ag").

Investing in God's money can also be a poignant reminder for yourself or your loved one to give glory to God, and to help others whenever you can.