* 3Pc Water Resistant Dry Sack

Keep your possessions dry with this 3-Piece Camping Dry Sack Set—use while camping, backpacking, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, boating, rafting, and several other activities.

Features of this product are:

• After 3 roll close capacity:
- 12"x 8" (3L)
- 15"x12" (6L)
- 20"x12" (12L)
• Without closing capacity:
- 5L
- 8L
- 16L
• Assorted colors
- Red
- Yellow
- Blue
• 70D+PU coating nylon material
• Buckle and snap closure
• Waterproof
• Sealed, double-stitched seams for waterproofing
• Alternative uses for the sacks:
- Filling with clothes to create a makeshift pillow
- Keeping odorous garments
- Storing gear and various items
• Window color box

• To securely close the sack:
1) Grip the opening and fold over 3 times
2) Buckle both ends of the top (closure conveniently creates a carry handle)