Miguel Caballero Female Perfect Tank Top with Side Protection Level IIIA


Patent Number: US 2014/0201878 A1 

The Perfect Tank Top offers durable and discreet protection from potential threats. Its thermoregulated interior is lightweight and comfortable for everyday wear, and is Level IIIA NIJ Certified to protect you from danger.

Our company is responsible for designing, developing, and providing innovative solutions for specialized personal protection. 


 Level IIIA NIJ Certified



 Front, Back & Side Protection for Vital Organs

 Fast Drying Garment

 Two full opening zippers

 Breathable Mesh

 Weight: 3.0 lbs approx.

Size Chart

MC-Armor Sizing-chart

1. Chest Contour 37-38 39-41 41-43 43-44.5 45-46.5
2. Waist Contour 35-37 37.5-39 39.5-41 41.5-43 43.5-45
3. Ballistic Panel Length Front 15.5 16 16.5 16.5 17.5
4. Ballistic Panel Length Black 18.5 18.5 19 19.5 20
5. Garment Length Back 22.5 23 23.5 24 24.5
6. Garment Length Front 20.5 20.6 21 21.5 22 


The Miguel Caballero line (MC Armour) is the highest quality line for covert body protection that we are aware of.  This line is internationally acclaimed by Forbes, ABC News, and others, and is used by foreign Presidents, Diplomats, and Royalty of all kinds.  It has an impressive list of VIP clients.

For covert use, you want NIJ certified protection, but in the lightest and thinnest technology available-- if it isn't thin and light, it isn't covert.  This tank top is certified Level IIIA, and yet weighs in at about half the weight (a little over 3 pounds) of most other IIIA vests (which typically weigh in at 5 to 6 pounds).

(From Nevin Pratt, CEO): At SHOT Show 2019, I was told by a police officer that he wore one of these tanks to work, and was chewed out by his Chief for not wearing a vest (he then showed his Chief that he *was* wearing a Level IIIA vest, and all was well).

The Chief of Police of West Wendover, Nevada saw and handled one while he was visiting OPSGEAR and said it is the lightest and thinnest level IIIA he has ever seen.

I showed it to another police officer who also visited us at OPSGEAR, and while handling it, he looked at me and asked, "are you sure this is Level IIIA?", whereupon I showed him the NIJ certifications, and some of the news reports and videos on it.

Needless to say, *all* of those officers now own one of these tank tops!

If this tank top is too pricey for you, we also carry the *excellent* BulletSafe line.  It is about half the money, and also about twice the weight.  But it's a good value, too, if you are on a budget  (Police Officers in the local SLC area-- call for special lower will-call pricing on *all* of our ballistic vests).

There is a federal grant that could potentially pay 50% of the purchase price for ballistic vests for officers.  Details of the grant, and a list of approved companies and products, can be found here:


Notice that the MC-Armour company is on the list.

MC Armour manufactures both the body armor and apparel items in their own factory to control the quality of each garment.  MC Armour recently was awarded a South American military contract and continues to be a supplier from 1 piece to 100,000 units.  The difference with MC Armour is not only the control but the innovation in combining armor into fabrics that can be comfortably worn.

Our most popular color for this tank top is black.  Because of that, we stock more black than white, but can order anything you need.  Extra carriers can also be ordered.

NOTE: No international shipments of body armor is allowed.  We can only ship body armor to USA customers, and then only in 49 states-- Connecticut is excluded by Connecticut law.  Convicted felons surrender their right to own body armor.  The US has a federal ban on the possession of body armor by convicted felons (18 U.S.C. 931). Felons can only purchase bulletproof vests if their employer requires it and they get written permission to do so.

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