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This is a fun and at the same time can be a bit challenging until you get the hang of it. I almost gave up on this one, but I love the end results. The final size of this collar is 25"


Cord usage:

26' - Black

20' - Graphite

17' -Red

29' - Teal

I had about 2' of each color after I was finished. 

 Paracord design Swirl

So far at this point everything was going smooth. 

Once you get to the middle color this is where the craziness starts. You have to find what works for you. As I was working on this collar it seemed like the knots were not uniform. And that tends drive me crazy. I found that if I tightened the cords in a specific order it helps a lot. 

When you are weaving the cord so all step except the last one. The swirl around the grey.

  1. Tighten the red and the black. 
  2. Tighten teal leaving the grey loose
  3. Send the teal around the grey
  4. Tighten the grey
  5. Pull straight up to tighten the teal. 

I found that when I started doing it in this order that I got a more uniform knot. 



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